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Splatmaster Party Packages

Low impact paintball is perfect and safe for children 8 and up. Splatmaster markers are a less powerful spring-loaded alternative to gas-powered markers. They fire at a velocity of approximately 120 feet per second, compared to standard paintball markers which fire at approximately 280 feet per second. 

At this velocity, the impact is much lower and so is much more suitable for younger players . The .50 paintball’s used are 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and wash away with water. There really is no other party that comes close to the fun and excitement of paintball.

The most amazing kids party package for up to 10 players is only £260

Each Player will receive:

  • 100 paintballs per player for every game,
  • 2.5hrs total for gear up and safety brief, 
  • 2 hours of play-time,
  • Splat Master Z200 Shotgun hire,
  • Fog proof safety goggle hire,
  • Camo battle coveralls; &
  • Full insurance.

Extra players can be added at only £20.00 per person.

Please arrive around 15 minutes before your allocated slot to allow us to start on time. Hardy footwear is recommended as it can get very muddy!

When should I arrive?

Please arrive around 15 minutes before your allocated start time.

Does it hurt?

Considerably less than regular paintball. Splatmaster guns are more akin to ‘Nerf’ guns that use paint. Splatmaster uses a much smaller ball than regular paintball and are spring powered rather than gas or air. This means the paintballs travels 160 feet per second slower than in regular paintball leading to a a much softer impact. 

What should they wear?

All players will be given protective overalls to keep mud and paint off their clothing. We recommend wearing layers so you can change if you are too hot or cold throughout the day.


Will they get breaks?

Yes. Between each ‘game slot’ we will return to the safe zone for a quick break. At this time all players are welcome to use the facilities, grab some water and clean their mask if needed.

Can I bring party food/ decorations?

Yes. You are more than welcome to bring any party decorations, snacks, cake, drinks that you wish.

How much Paint do they have?

Each player will have 100 paintballs per game slot. A 2.5 hour party package comprises 4 game slots.

Do you have covered seating?

Yes. We have plenty of covered seating that is shared between all customers on site. We can not offer private seating areas.


Every player (younger than 18 years of age) needs to have a disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian (18+) prior to playing. This can be done on the day of the booking. If a player does not have a disclaimer they are not insured while they are playing and the parent &/or guardian is liable for any injury.

What are the games like?

The booking will contain four game slots. We will use different game zones on site for each game. A game slot may comprise of one longer style game or two quick games back to back.

What is the range of the splatmaster guns?

On average around 25 metres.

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