Nerf Wars Party

Nerf Wars is perfect and safe for children 6 years and up. Nerf foam dart blasters are a less powerful spring and air-powered alternative to paintball markers. They fire at a velocity of approximately 70 feet per second.

At this velocity, the impact is very low and is much more suitable for younger players. The foam darts used are 100% reusable. Our participants will experience the thrill of running around a purpose-built arena with many objectives and tasks to complete. There really is no other party that comes close to the fun and excitement of Nerf.

The most amazing kids party package for up to 16 players is only £249

Each Player will receive:

  • Unlimited foam darts
  • 2 hrs total including safety briefing
  • Foam dart blaster
  • Fog proof safety glasses
  • Camo waistcoat
  • Full insurance.

Extra players can be added at only £10.00 per person.

Please arrive around 15 minutes before your allocated slot to allow us to start on time. Hardy footwear is recommended as it can get very muddy!

When should I arrive?

Please arrive around 15 minutes before your allocated start time.

Does it hurt?

Considerably less than regular paintball. Nerf uses foam darts that travel at around 70 feet per second.

What should they wear?

All players are asked to wear old clothing as we plan in a woodland. We recommend wearing layers so you can change if you are too hot or cold throughout the day. We recommend a good pair of boots.


Will they get breaks?

Between each ‘game slot’ we will return to the safe zone for a quick break. At this time all players are welcome to use the facilities or grab some water.

Can I bring party food/ decorations?

Yes. You are more than welcome to bring any party decorations, snacks, cake, drinks that you wish. However after your party slot we cannot guarentee seating will be available.

Do you have covered seating?

Yes. We have seating that is available within the Nerf safe zone.


Every player (younger than 18 years of age) needs to have a disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian (18+) prior to playing. This can be done on the day of the booking. If a player does not have a disclaimer they are not insured while they are playing and the parent &/or guardian is liable for any injury.

What are the games like?

We play all types of games within our Nerf arena. Players will be capturing objectives and completing missions.

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