The Ultimate Party for upto 14 players


The Ultimate Party

3 games of paintball followed by 90 minutes of gaming!



The Ultimate Party for up to 14 people

Take part in either 3 games of splat master low impact paintball for ages 8 +

Or regular paintball for ages 10+ with 100 paintball’s per game per player.

Then your gaming van will arrive to serve you with 90 minutes of non stop gaming!

State of the art, one of a kind gamer van has unique features including:

  • 8 of the latest and most powerful games consoles
  • Top of the range 4K Ultra High Definition TV
  • Pro gaming style monitors set up for 8 player LAN competitions and tournaments
  • A huge selection of the latest and most popular games
  • A standalone virtual reality setup
  • High definition cinemas style gaming projector area
  • Custom built replica retro arcade cabinets with a range of iconic classic games from the 80’s and 90’s



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