Red Alert Battlesim: Baltic Bulwark

From: £40.00

The First Red Alert Battlesim

This is not your usual skirmish day, expect a full, non stop day of Airsoft – you’ll even be eating in the field!

You’ll be given orders by your Commander, tasked with completing various rolling objectives, engage in some roleplay and interact with the natives all in an effort to win the day for you side.

Please read the details below and the Rules on the Battlesim Page before booking.

The additional Information tab contains the background for the this Battlesim.


Necessary Covid restrictions will apply depending upon the guidance at the time.

Price includes exclusive event patch.

Team patches are available as a optional extra, either added when you book or purchased on the day

Limited Sniper/DMR spots available, please read the details for the sniper role before booking.

There will be Facebook groupsetup for each team where you squad's and role can be organised, once booked you will be sent an invitation. If you do not have Facebook we can organize this via E-mail.



Additional information


The Capitol Hill riots have ended. The American administration in the USA has fallen and gone dark. Canada has begun dealing with a huge influx of US refugees and is in no position to send any aid to Europe.
Nato has collapsed along with the EU, Europe has come together under a new leadership that recognised the new threat from Russia now with No America as a buffer and a show of force.
Russian influence and control has swept both toward Europe and South toward the Middle East, backing old allies and sympathisers and gaining control of oil fields and other resources in an attempt to suffocate European forces.
Africa has collapsed into anarchy with infighting and warlords running riot. Russia has sympathisers and allies all around Europe and begins to apply pressure all around.
Russia has spent the rest of the year making drives into Europe, mostly using underground networks and cyber-attacks. A Russian force known only as “Volkolak'', made up of Russian Armed forces Mercenaries and Special Forces, has led these attacks all over Europe.
The new European Task Force (ETF) has begun its plan to fortify a defensive line called the Eastern Bloc Defensive Line (EBDL).
With resources low for Europe, it is a dangerous balance of committing to pushing the Russian advance back and bolstering the defence in the Atlantic.
Under ever increasing threat from all sides, the ETF have divided into Battle Groups and corresponding carrier groups to defend the ever shrinking European borders.
Though some small skirmishes have broken out, no major battles have begun.
Both sides were hesitant to deploy air power and armoured units to avoid collateral damage.
The story starts as the Russian forces make a push into Estonia, crossing into a border town of Permisküla over the river Narva. The Russians have annexed the town and are going to use it as a step off point into Estonia. The ETF must clear them out of the town and take back the border; the Russians need to drive out the ETF and control this border position to begin the invasion of Northern Estonia.
For now, the town itself will be a No Conflict Zone. However, if either side gains a decisive foothold of the areas around the town that may change!
The Town locals want to get on with their lives and don't mind what happens, as long as they can get on with it.