Red Alert Battlesim: Absicht Airdrop

From: £45.00

The Second Red Alert Battlesim

This is not your usual skirmish day, expect a full, non stop day of Airsoft – you’ll even be eating in the field!

You’ll be given orders by your Commander, tasked with completing various rolling objectives, engage in some roleplay and interact with the natives all in an effort to win the day for you side.

Please read the details below and the Rules on the Battlesim Page before booking.

The additional Information tab contains the background for the this Battlesim.


Necessary Covid restrictions will apply depending upon the guidance at the time.

Price includes exclusive event patch.

Team patches are available as a optional extra, either added when you book or purchased on the day

Limited Sniper/DMR spots available, please read the details for the sniper role before booking.

There will be Facebook group setup for each team where you squad's and role can be organised, once booked you will be sent an invitation. If you do not have Facebook we can organize this via E-mail.



Additional information


It's been almost a year since the start of the Great War. In the following months, the Euridian Task Force (ETF) has been steadily pushed back across Europe by the punishing advance of the Vukodlak Forces.

The Vukodlak have now reclaimed the ancient Volkenian Republic borders, with the frontline located close to the original location of the Steel Wall Defensive Line running north-south through the continent.

Specialist Airborne units have also been dropped on several strategic positions along the front lines to capture or destroy valuable ETF targets. One such location is situated in the Absicht Region of southern Euridia, near a town called Holzstadt.

The Target for the Vukodlak is an internment camp located east of Holzstadt, hidden deep in the forest. They have gathered intel that the camp contains Volkenian sympathizers who would be beneficial to the war effort. They plan to break them out.

The ETF have a defense force located in the nearby town, whose sole purpose is to defend the anti air radar, which is part of the Iron Dome Defense System the ETF have erected across Euridia, and help local forces maintain security over the internment camp.

The Vukodlak must airdrop in and release as many prisoners as possible with the help of local informants as well as capture and destroy strategic objectives in the surrounding area. Following all the previous campaigns, the Vukodlak and the ETF must keep the population on their side, or face a potential uprising…