Socially Distanced Magfed Walk On

From: £27.50

Magfed Walk On – Pre Booking Only

Due to the current situation and the need for social distancing we are making some temporary changes to how we run Magfed game days

Please Read the procedure outlined below.


Magfed event Pre-Booking Only.

- £27.50 per person with lunch and includes 500 paintballs or 20 FSR. Can upgrade on the day to GI Winter.

NEW! Rental Packages Available. Game Fee, Tippmamn TMC Marker Hire, Magazines, Chest Rig and 500 Paintballs inc Lunch for £45. Limited quantity available so book now.

Due to the current situation and the need for social distancing we are making some temporary changes to how we run magfed game days

This procedure is subject to change in line with any changing advice from the Government and by making a booking you are agreeing to follow these rules.

If you display any symptoms listed on NHS Coronavirus symptom list do not attend. We reserve the right to send anyone away who displays any of the symptoms listed on the website here.

You must book a ticket to attend. Walk-on players will be turned away.

Car sharing is only permitted between members of your own household, including support bubbles.

You Must provide us with the names and telephone numbers of all players who are attending due to the need to potentially track and trace

Due to limited capacity refunds are not available you can however transfer your ticket to another player.  We will refund all players should we have to close the site again due to Government Restrictions.


Game Day Procedure:

Gates open at 8:30am. Please do not arrived before this time.

Upon arrival you will be checked in and given a wrist band with a number on it. This number will be used to control the Chrono and Lunch queues.

All the occupants of the car will have their temperature checked using a non-contact Infrared Thermometer. Anyone car including someone with a fever will be asked to leave the site immediately.

You will then be directed to park by our staff with an appropriate distance between cars and you will be working from your car for the day.

The Safezone will be available for those who did not come by car or who were dropped off with at least 2m spacing maintained between players.

You may socially interact with one group of up to six players from different households whilst maintaining a 2m social distance or up to 30 players from two different households. Interaction between groups is not permitted.

You must always maintain a 2m distance between other players not from your household in the car park, safezone/shop and gamezone where possible.

We will be running a 2m minimum engagement distance for all weapons that do not normally have one and knife kills will not be permitted.

All staff who physically interact with players will be wearing gloves and masks.

Hand sanitiser and Masks will be available for free for those of you who wish to use/wear them.

We will have a one way system in place for using the Shop, Chrono and Lunch Queues with 2m marks on the ground for queuing. Please respect these at all times.

Only one person in the shop at any one time and we will be taking payment by card only.

The Management reserves the right to remove anyone who fails to follow these procedures and permanent site bans may be issues for flagrant abuses.

If you like to know more about the restrictions involving Corona virus, the link to the Government’s Corona Portal is here.

By making a booking you are agreeing to terms stated above

Days Schedule:
8:30am - Gates Open
9:00am - Check In & Chrono
10:00am - Daily Brief and Start of Morning Games
1:00pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Afternoon Games Start
4:30pm - End of Afternoon Games, Return to Safezone.

General Rules:
- Barrel socks must be on at all time until you leave the safe zone.
-No dry firing in the safe zone.
All googles must be suitable for paintball and in reasonable condition.and must be worn at all times when on the game field.
-No smoking on the field or under the covered area of the safe zone

Game Rules:
- Site paint only.
- Markers must be 280fps maximum.
- 50 round hoppers are allowed (we will sell a limited amount on site on the day £12 per hopper)
- Bounces count.
- All FSR for bolt action snipers ONLY
- Barrel tags and knife kills allowed (knife must bend 90 degrees or be marked as L.A.R.P safe.)
- Grenades are a 5m kill radius from point of detonation.
- NO full auto/NO Ramp.
- No shields
- No overshooting
- Dead men don't talk.

Safety briefing will cover any other game or site specific rules on the day.

Paint Prices:
1000 paintballs - £20 for field paint or £25 for GI winter
500 paintballs - £12 for field paint or £15 for GI winter
100 paintballs - £3 for field paint or £4 for GI winter

1000 paintballs - £20
500 paintballs - £12
100 paintballs - £3

First strike:
100 FSR - £35

.43 powderballs
100 .43 cal - £6

Other paint grades and prices may be added in the future.
(prices maybe subject to change)
Pyro availible on site (Enoyla Gaye)
Tag rounds are allowed (you will get a separate safety brief on the day)
Mortars Allowed.
Solid state (BFG) grenades are Allowed.

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