Airsoft Walkon & Hire – Saturday 8th December

From: £25.00

Airsoft Walk On Day – £25 inc Lunch, Free tea and coffee

New to Airsoft? Hire Kit available.
Gun Rental, Mask, Magazine, bottle of 2500 BB’s and Battery £45 for the day including entrance fee and Lunch. Limited numbers available. Booking is essential!

Days Schedule:
8:30am – Gates Open
9:00am – Check In & Chrono from 9.00am
9:45 – Safety Brief for New and Rental Players
10:00am – Daily Brief and Start of Morning Games
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – Afternoon Games Start
4:00pm – End of Afternoon Games, Return to Safezone and All Rental Kit Returned

Crono Limits:
350 fps for Full-Auto AEG
420fps for Semi Locked DMR – Must have a secondary weapon, 10m minimum engagement distance
500fps for Bolt Action – Must have a secondary weapon, 20m minimum engagement distance

Due to the current legal uncertainties surrounding HPA guns, we are not currently allowing these on site until the situation is cleared up. Apologies for any inconvenience.



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