Airsoft Walk On

From: £30.00

Walk-On – Entry with Your Own Gun, Kit and Ammo with free Lunch – £30

Please Read the procedure outlined below.


Airsoft Walk On Day - From £30

Walk-On - Entry with Your Own Gun, Kit and Ammo with free Lunch - £30

We are now allowing walk-on players again and allowing use of the safe zone if you wish though still encourage you to keep your distance and work out of your car.

Please Provide the Full Name of all Players so we can check them in.

Game Day Procedure:

Gates open at 8:30am. Please do not arrived before this time.

If you are booked on or paying on the day, you will need to check in at the shop in the safe zone.

The Management reserves the right to remove anyone who fails to follow these procedures and permanent site bans may be issues for flagrant abuses.

By making a booking you are agreeing to terms stated above

Days Schedule:
8:30am - Gates Open
8.45am - Chrono Opens
9:45am - Check in and Chrono Closes
9:45am - Rental briefing
10:00am - Daily Brief and Start of Morning Games
1:15pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Afternoon Games Start
4:30pm - End of Afternoon Games, Return to Safe zone and All Rental Kit Returned

Chrono Limits:
350 fps for Full-Auto AEG
425fps for Semi Locked DMR - Must have a secondary weapon, 20m minimum engagement distance
500fps for Bolt Action - Must have a secondary weapon, 30m minimum engagement distance

HPA is allowed, but MUST adhere to the same rules and limitations of other RIF's

If you display any symptoms listed on NHS Coronavirus symptom list do not attend. We reserve the right to send anyone away who displays any of the symptoms listed on the website here.

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