The Forth Red Alert Battlesim

Not Your Usual Skimish Day

Battlesim Rules: 


Caladia (Caladian Colonies) Uniform

CC – Tan Based Camos; Multicam, MTP, Desert DPM, Desert Tiger Stripe etc – No A-Tacs FG or Pencott Greenzone

CC – Weapons

Any Weapons as long as they fit the roles you are playing detailed below


Vukodlak (Volkenian) – Uniform

Green, Black and Grey Camo’s – No A-Tacs FG or Pencott Greenzone

Vukodlak – Weapons

Any Weapons as long as they fit the roles you are playing detailed below


When it comes to camo, you need to make sure it is clear what team you are on, hence restricting Atacs and Pencott.

Webbing and Plate carriers etc can be any camo you like, but where possible please try to match it to your side/camo.

We do not expect you to make perfect/historically accurate loadouts but if you can, please theme as best as possible


Each team will be broken down into squads so if you are playing with your friends please also try to match as best as possible.



Civilians – (Staff Only)

Civilian clothes only and must use old and where possible easily attainable weapons



Squad Leader– Your job is to manage your squad, pointing them toward the objective and keeping track of ammo and bandages.

You also need to manage your comms between your squad, other squads and command.


Rifleman – The primary fighting power in a squad, you are to listen to your squad leader and maneuver on enemy positions.


Machine Gunner – You carry the heaviest weapon in your squad, you are the linchpin in your squads maneuvering capability in both offense and defense, you can only fire your weapon led down or rested on cover etc. NO HIP FIRING. (Weapons allowed here must be MGs in real life, this includes 249s, RPKS, PKMS, GPMG’s etc , NOT M4s with Drum mags, AAPS with drum mags, etc)  These are limited to 1 per squad.

Sniper/DMR – The Sniper is part of the squad and is essential for helping spot targets, and eliminating high value targets i.e. Enemy machine gun positions, the sniper/DMR must carry a pistol and will not be allowed to play without one due to the minimum engagement range of 30/20 meters. Sniper Roles/DMR roles will be limited to 5 per team (Weapons allowed must be bolt action rifles with normal magazines and DMRs that are used IRL)



FPS Limits: 

All weapons will be chronographed on arrival and may be subject to a random chronograph through the day. 


Pistol – 350fps 

Shotgun – 350fps 

AEG (Full Auto)  – 350fps 

Machine Gunner – 350fps 

DMR (Semi Auto) – 425fps (20meter Minimum Engagement Distance).  Must Carry a Secondary Weapon

Sniper (Bolt Action) – 500fps (30meter Minimum Engagement Distance). Must Carry a Secondary Weapon


​Co2 and HPA airsoft guns are welcome. They must meet the FPS limit required
Rates of fire for all guns must be realistic!.


Ammunition Count: 

Pistol – 2 Magazines

Shotgun – 100 Rounds

AEG – 400 Rounds

Machine Gunner – 2000 Rounds                                        

DMR/Sniper – 100 Rounds


Extra ammo will be carried in ammo tins and stored in your main base or move with your FOB

Throwable explosive grenades are limited to 2 per life (each spawn at base or FOB).

 2 smoke grenades are allowed to be carried at any time.

Drum magazines for support weapons only.

No high caps. This is a more realistic approach!



In absolutely no circumstances will homemade pyrotechnics or fireworks be permitted for use by players.

 Any pyrotechnics that have been thrown must not be picked up, it is likely that they could explode prematurely and cause serious injury.

 Mortars must be used in the indirect role, not direct role.

 TAG ammunition should not be fired directly at players, 40m engagement distance.

 Mortars and tag rounds are limited to 2 per life. This is included in your grenade allowance.



When you spawn in the main base or FOB you must wait for your squad leader and over 50% of your squad before you can leave



If you lose over half your squad you must go to ground or retreat and go back to your FOB/Main base



If the situation allows you to surrender or be captured, at this point the enemy team may take you back to their base and if you have any intel leaflets and are asked to be searched you must hand it over.

You must sling your weapon and unless you are specifically asked by YOUR team commander you cannot attempt any form of assassination.

No personal effects or items will be taken during any search.



Your HQ is your main base and cannot be captured; it will contain a first aid station for you to deposit your medic bandage and can also store ammunition. This will be where your team commander issues tasks and objectives.

Your FOB is a portable spawn point;  you can remove your bandages and rearm here and can leave ammo and equipment here but are responsible for moving it if the FOB is over run. FOB’s CAN be overrun but the enemy cannot touch or move your FOB items/belongings.

This is also where you rearm as you are NOT allowed to load magazines in the field (except one by one by hand) the exception being Machine gunners  who can be loaded in the field. You MUST return to the HQ/FOB to use speed loaders.


Game Casualty: 

A hit counts as the following:

A BB hitting anywhere on the body, a knife kill or a grenade/mine going off within 5 metres of you.

 When you are hit for the first time, you must act out your injury, by shouting that you are hit and you then call for a bandage! You can crawl to cover, and anyone in your Squad can apply YOUR bandage

When you are hit a second time you are now dead. Lie down or sit against cover as you have a 5 min dead time, then return to your FOB/Main Base and wait to respawn (you can remove your bandage and your medic bandages)

If you are for some reason separated and left alone and know you will not get bandaged please wait 5 mins then return to your FOB/Main base



If a vehicle is struck by a tag round it is rendered disabled until it’s repaired by an engineer  (if it has a gun this is also disabled)

If a throwable grenade lands within 2m of the vehicle its is temporarily disabled for 5 mins (the gun can still be used).

In both cases any crew can dismount and fight on foot to defend the vehicle.

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