Non stop action

A day of non stop airsoft action.

Highly realistic scenarios

Bridges, Boats, Cars, Army Vehicles, Huts, & Bunkers. Just a few of the objectives and obstacles located at our site.

35 acre play zone

Our 35 acre site has something for everyone.

Airsoft Site Rules

All replica guns are to be transported to/from site in a suitable bag or box.

Safe Zone Rules:

No Dry firing of guns is permitted inside the safe zone. We have a testing range outside the safe zone especially for this, where you can test and calibrate you weapons before the days games begin.

No magazines are permitted to be in guns in the safe zone at any time, the only exception support weapons with the batteries disconnected.

Gas Shells/Grenades are either permitted to have gas or be loaded with bb’s when in the safe zone but never both. They must be discharged before entering the safe zone.

Smoking is permitted in the safe zone provided you are not under any of the covered areas.

Game Zone Rules:

We recommend the use of full face protection, and this is a requirement for those under 18.

Eye protection must be worn at all times in the game zone, if you remove it whilst in the game zone you will be asked to leave the site.

We strongly recommend that you wear boots with good ankle support in the game zone.

There is no Smoking in the game zone.

Chrono Procedure:

Guns will be Chronographed using a calibrated Skan Chronograph. This will be conducted using the ammunition you will be using during the day. If we decide we may chrono with our own ammunition.

Guns that pass our tests will be tagged and checked as you are entering the play area. If you are found to be using an untagged gun in the game area you will be asked to leave immediately.

We May conduct spot check Chrono’s throughout the day and may use BB’s we provide to ensure known weight.

Any Attempt to cheat chrono will result in a immediate removal from the site.

FPS Overview:

Overview of our site power limits, further details are in the relevant sections for each gun type below.

These are the maximum limits with a 0.2g BB, but we be testing with both 0.2g and with the weight of ammunition you will be using for the day against the limit in Joules.

Full Auto/Pistols – 350fps

Semi-Auto Long arms – 425fps

Bolt Actions Rifles – 500fps

Full Auto AEG’s:

Power limit is 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g)

Inside buildings/huts you are limited to semi-auto only

We have a Rate of Fire limit of 25 rounds per second on site. Guns that are over this limit will be restricted to semi-auto only.

Semi Auto AEG’s/DMR:

Power Limit is 1.67 joules (425 FPS with 0.2g)

Minimum engagement distance is 20 Meters and you must have a secondary weapon (Pistol/SMG etc) for use inside this distance.

Mid/Low caps only

Must be mechanically or electronically locked to semi-auto only.

These are not to be spam fired and you may have a maximum of 2 BB’s be in the air at any one time.

These must full rifle size and have some kind of zoomed optic.


Bolt Action Rifles:

Power limit is 2.32 joules (500 FPS with 0.2g) for both Spring and Gas powered rifles

Minimum engagement distance is 30 Meters and you must have a secondary weapon (Pistol/SMG etc) for use inside this distance.

Bolt action rifles with a scope follow the minimum engagement distance regardless of their actual power. 

Bolt action rifles without a scope Must be below 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g) and can be used without a minimum engagement distance.


Power limit is 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g) when in classic pistol configurations, if setup as a carbine the power limit and rules of a Semi Auto Rifle apply


Power limit is 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g) 

HPA shotguns must run on 30rnd shells only

Support Weapons:

These follow the rules for Full Auto Rifles

When entering the safe zone these must either have their magazines or batteries disconnected or be left outside the safe zone

HPA (High Pressure Air):

We allow HPA Gun on site providing they adhere to all other restrictions stated above .

All regulators must be able to be tournament locked, which will do as part of the Chrono Procedure

We have a HPA fill Rig on site.


We allow knife kills on site, these must be performed with a rubber/larp safe knife/appropriate object and consists of a gentle tap to the t-shirt area followed by the word “Knife Kill”

Live bladed knives/weapons are not permitted in the game zone.


We allow any form of Uk legal pyrotechnics provided they are designed for Airsoft/Paintball use and are no louder than 120dB.

Solid State/BFG’s are allowed, in up to 9mm. These must be thrown underarm and you are responsible for any injuries caused and for their retrieval

We allow TAG rounds and 40 Mikes/Master Mikes on site provided you follow the manufactures rules. 

The management and marshall’s decision is final

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