Highly realistic scenarios

Bridges, Boats, Cars, Army Vehicles, Huts, & Bunkers. Just a few of the objectives and obstacles located at our site.

35 acre play zone

Our 35 acre site has something for everyone.

Airsoft Reading Material

All replica guns are to be transported to/from site in a suitable bag or box.

Safe Zone Rules:

No Dry firing of guns is permitted inside the safe zone. We have a testing range outside the safe zone especially for this, where you can test and calibrate you weapons before the days games begin.

No magazines are permitted to be in guns in the safe zone at any time, the only exceptions are pistols in retention holsters and support weapons with the batteries disconnected.

Gas Shells/Grenades are either permitted to have gas or be loaded with bb’s when in the safe zone but never both. They must be discharged before entering the safe zone or stored facing vertically down in a sealed pouch.

Crono Procedure:

Guns will be Chronographed using a calibrated Skan Chronograph. This will be conducted using 0.2g ammunition that we will supply and the ammunition you will be using during the day.

Guns that pass our tests will be tagged and checked as you are entering the play area. If you are found to be using an untagged gun in the game area you will be asked to leave immediately.

FPS Overview:

Overview of our site power limits, further details are in the relevant sections for each gun type below.

These are the maximum limits with a 0.2g BB, but we be testing with both 0.2g and with the weight of ammunition you will be using for the day against the limit in Joules.

Full Auto/Pistols – 350fps

Semi-Auto Long arms – 420fps

Bolt Actions Rifles – 500fps

Full Auto AEG’s:

Power limit is 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g)

Inside buildings/huts you are limited to semi-auto only

Semi Auto AEG’s:

Power Limit is 1.64 joules (420 FPS with 0.2g)

Minimum engagement distance is 10 Meters and you must have a secondary weapon (Pistol/SMG etc) for use inside this distance.
Mid/Low caps only
Must be mechanically or electronically locked to semi-auto only.
These are not to be spam fired and you may have a maximum of 2 BB’s be in the air at any one time.

Bolt Action Rifles:

Power limit is 2.32 joules (500 FPS with 0.2g) for both Spring and Gas powered rifles

Minimum engagement distance is 20 Meters and you must have a secondary weapon (Pistol/SMG etc) for use inside this distance.


Power limit is 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g) when in classic pistol configurations, if setup as a carbine the power limit and rules of a Semi Auto Rifle apply


Power limit is 1.14 Joules (350 FPS with 0.2g) for Tri-shot.

Single shot shotguns follow the power limits and rules of bolt action rifles.

Support Weapons:

These follow the rules for Full Auto Rifles
When entering the safe zone these must either have their magazines or batteries disconnected or be left outside the safe zone

HPA (High Pressure Air):

Due to the current legal uncertainties surrounding HPA guns, we are not currently allowing Full/Semi auto weapons on site until the situation is cleared up.

We do however allow HPA bolt action rifles, providing the relevant tourney locks are supplied by yourselves and you are using the standard sized magazines that came with the gun.  We do not currently have a HPA fill Rig on site.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

The management and marshal’s decision is final

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Hartshill Copse
Burdens Heath

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